Want to support this work?

Thank you to all of you who have asked if you can support this work by contributing a financial donation. Whilst he really appreciates such generous offers, instead of giving Mark a gift “in return”, he would prefer you to “pay-it-forward.”

You can obviously do this in any way you like, but a few ideas are:

  • Get a copy of The Moneyless Manifesto or The Moneyless Man for your local library, school, University lecturer, mother, brother, friend, stranger or
  • Share the website on whatever social network you use and recommend it to anyone you think it may be of use to, or
  • Help share it by posting information about it on internet forums. For example, Permaculture-, Occupy-, Transition-, Money-saving-, Zeitgeist-, Bushcraft-, and frugal-related forums, or
  • Writing a book review about it, or
  • Contribute your knowledge, advice, links, ideas and solutions to the forum on this website so that it grows as a moneyless resource that anyone in any part of the world can draw upon, or
  • Act on whatever ideas within it chime with you, or
  • All of the above.