Buy The Moneyless Man (available in 18 languages)

To buy an English (UK) copy of Mark’s first book, The Moneyless Man, you can get it from independent book stores (and the larger ones), and other outlets mentioned below. For translations into other languages, scroll down.

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The following translations are now available (click on a language for full information):

  1. SPANISH: Vivir Sin Dinero (published by Capitán Swing)
  2. GREEK: Ο άφραγκος άνθρωπος (published by Livanis)
  3. JAPANESE: ぼくはお金を使わずに生きることにした (published by Kinokuniya)
  4. GERMAN: Der Mann Ohne Geld (published by Goldmann)
  5. FRENCH: L’Homme Sans Argent (published by Arenes)
  6. ITALIAN: L’Uomo Senza Soldi (published by Ultra)
  7. PORTUGUESE: O Homem sem Dinheiro (Portugal – published by Bertrands)
  8. CHINESE: 一年不花钱:我的无货币主义生活 (published by Beijing Mediatime Books)
  9. INDONESIAN: Kisah Nyata Setahun Hidup Tanpa Uang (published by Serambi Ilmu Semesta, PT)
  10. TAIWANESE: 一整年不用錢 (published by Locus)
  11. TURKISH: Meteliksiz (published by Kerin Sitap)
  12. PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL): O Homem Sem Grana (published by Bestseller)
  13. KOREAN: No details available yet. (published by Boogle)
  14. FINLAND: No details available and not yet released (published by Nemo Kustannus)
  15. CZECH: Muž, který se zřekl peněz a přežil (published by Albatross)
  16. SLOVAKIAN: Muž, ktorý sa zriekol peňazí a prežil (published by Albatross)
  17. VIETNAMESE: No details available and not yet released (published by Huy Huang)